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M31 – Andromeda Galaxy

M31 800mm F3.9 With Exos2 PMC eight Mount. 237 Subs 55 seconds ISO 1600 Canon 5D MK2

The Andromeda Galaxy was my first and is still one of my favorite Deep Sky Objects.

I tried to take photos of it before I had my Tracking Mount. Only with my camera on the tripod, later with my camera, tripod, and a Mini Track LX2 that workes quite nice by the way!

So I have quite a collection of Pictures as I learned more about how to refine my technique.

Things to know:

Distance 2 500 00 ly

Diameter: 110 100ly – 140 00ly (depends on where you look it up)

Visual Size: 3.1° x 1°For comparison: The Full Moon only occupies 0.5° of the night sky!! So M31 is significantly “bigger” but dimmer.

In a few Billion Years the Milkyway will “collide” with the Andromeda Galaxy forming one even Bigger Galaxy. Wikipedia

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