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Skywatcher Focus Motor

This focuser is sold by many Vedors as a cheep way to motorize your focusing. Since i always struggle with focusing and the vibrations i cause i thought i will give it a try.

If you think about buying this too, this is what you will get:

1 Motor

A DC motor. From the sound of it, there must be a gearbox inside to provide more torque.

Length: 65mm
Diameter: 37mm

Weight: 154g (with the plate you see on the Picture)
Motor shaft: 6mm, one side is flattened.
Connection: RJ10 port

Payload: My DSLR and coma corrector are about 1060g. The focuser I use is a Bresser Hexafoc 2″ one. So far the little motor does a good job of moving my setup.

2 & 3 Shaft adapter /coupling

2 Is an adapter for a 4 mm shaft. It tightens the grip to the motor shaft via a rubber gasket that tightens if you screw the 2 parts tighter together or loosens if you unscrew. Since you can Completely unscrew it you might be able to utilize this for something else

3 is a shaft coupling that will fit the Motor on one side (6mm) and the other side a 10mm shaft.

4 Hand Controller Box

Connected to the motor by an RJ10 cable (like an old-school telephone). The cable is, so that you probably need a longer one if you focus on a laptop screen that is not directly next to the scope. The speed is adjustable via the knob in the middle. There are two buttons for the direction. As long as a direction button is pressed the motor turns in the specified direction.

The box is powered by a 9V battery – it’s not included.

5 & 6 Adaper paltes

5: Is a smaller adapter that will fit smaller Refactors. It fitted on my 2″ GSO Crayford Dobson as well.
The distance between the mounting screws on the focuser side is 15mm

6: Is a slightly bigger adapter. At the first glance, it looked like it would fit my TS OPTICS 2″ Crayford Focuser. But it didn’t. But I am sure it will fit somewhere 😉

Since no adapter plate fitted the Focuser i wanted to use I ended up 3d Printing my own own, so this it what it looks like for now:

7 Screws

Included are 4 M3x12 screws and 2M4x8 thumbscrews

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