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My Equipment- Reviews

As time allows me I will update this segment with information and opinions about the equipment I use. All the equipment I use I have paid for. Actually most of it I bought used, some new.

Anything here is my own personal oppinion.

If you have sepcific questions feel free to ask.

So far i use:
  • Mount / Tripod:
    • PMC eight with Exos2
    • MiniTrack LX2
    • K&F ConceptĀ® TM2324 Tripod
  • Camera(s) (oh wow there are really 3 now)
    • Sony Nex6
    • QHY5-II (for Guiding)
    • Canon 6D
  • Telescope / Lenses
    • 14mm Lens for Sony Nex6
    • Bresser 203/800 Newton Telescope
  • Skywatcher Focus Motor

there is more… a lot of small stuff… laptop, cables,…. but as i said i will update as time allows.

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