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Horsehead and Flame Nebula

Next to Alnitak, the lower-left star in Orion’s Belt are two beautiful nebulas. The Horsehead Nebula and the Flame Nebula.

March 2021

I was able to add some more Exposures to the Horsehead and Flame nebula. The SNR improved significantly. The Flame nebula moved a bit out of the Frame to the point where my OTA “swallows” some light. But my focus was on the Horsehead anyway. I Used a UHC-S Filter this time. Colors seem way “better”. These are the results:

800mm F3.9 Exos2 Pmc eight Canon 6D

January 2021

Winter 2020/21 in Germany was not characterized by clear nights. I so far only did one session with about 30 usable images. Although I am not satisfied with the result yet I am fascinated by the beauty that is out there.

800mm F3.9 Exos2 Pmc eight, 30 subs 40s CLS-E Filter Canon6D

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