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M42 Orion Nebula

March 2021

I could capture over 150 more exposures. There are way more dust segments visible especially in the area below the Running Man (right click and view in full size)

December 2020

Recently i could borrrow some UHC and CLS filters. This is what came out of it:

M43 800mm F3.9 Exos2 Pmc eight, 110 subs 40s CLS Filter Canon6D

First Try:

M43 was just a victim of me trying out Stellarmate. I did not plan to do any serious imaging. It was a partly cloudy November night.

After the first exposure was finished with only 35s I was very impressed. There were so much detail and beauty visible without any processing!!! I could not resist. So I took about 80 more before the clouds set in. I didn’t even take dark frames or flats that night… Also, postprocessing was done quick and dirty. I will definitely come back

It might be one of the most rewarding Objekts for beginners (like me) with a not so long focal length!
These where my first Pictures of M43

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