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Unguided Mount Error

I was not able to get into Guiding so far. I could borrow a UHC filter for my Canon 6D and wanted to try it desperately. So I was out capturing M43 Orion Nebula for the first time. Stunning! I did not expect that. Anyway, after Looking at my Single Exposures I noticed 2 Things:

  1. I was not correctly Polar aligned. I noticed a drift over about 2-3h.
  2. More interresting. I saw a movement in the DEC direction, a repeating pattern.
The video is a timelaps of a bit more than 2h material All untouched subs!.

I did some different exposure times. 5s, 10s, 30s and 45s. Of the 5s subs i could use almost all Images. Of the 45s Subs i could use only half for Stacking. The other half was useless due to not round stars….

A Friendly Person from the Comunity Forum of my Mount (EXOS2 ES pmc eight) pointed out that this might be the periodical error of the mount and i should try guiding….

So i should probably not try out so much filters and concentrate on guiding. Never the less I want to try out the CLS filter and do a comparison of UHC-, CLS- and no Filter on the same Object. Maybe i can Combine it.

Thanks to Helmut Franzen for borrowing his Filter to me!!! Much apreciete it

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